• Here at EscapeVroom we live to create exciting and immersive mobile escape adventures which are both emotionally stimulating and mentally challenging. As escape room regulars, we know what makes a solid, captivating escape game experience, so we decided to lovingly craft our own, but with one key difference – our escape rooms are on wheels!


    Our vehicles are available for lease or rental opportunities so please get in touch today and find out how we can work together.



    Earlier this year, your crew pulled off the daring Bristol jewel heist. You managed to get away and hid the jewels, but eventually you all got caught. Apparently, there’s a snitch in the group. And now, having been tried and convicted, you and your crew are being transferred to a maximum security prison for life.

    But before you get locked up for good, the prison van driver makes a quick stop for coffee and donuts. This is your opportunity. You have one hour – it’s now or never, but who do you really trust?


    Game specs (per session)

    Up to 1 hour

    Between 2 to 5 players
    Recommended age - 16 years upwards

    Operating requirements

    1 game referee

    A standard 240v electricity socket

    A PC Laptop with Windows 8-10

    Category C1 or C driver’s license

    Vehicle details

    Vehicle Model: Iveco Daily 50C18
    Fuel type: Diesel
    Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters
    MPG: 25 miles per gallon / 10 km per liter
    Maximum legal carrying capacity: 9 persons

    Vehicle size & weight

    Height: 2.8 meters
    Length: 7.5 meters
    Width: 2.5 meters
    Weight: 5 tonnes


    Simon A.

    "Tense, claustrophobic and challenging… the realism of the prison van setting make this one of the most exciting and authentic escape rooms I’ve tried.
    Highly recommended.”

    Jenny P.

    "A fun way to spend an hour with friends. Enough props and clues to keep you guessing making it interesting as well as a good laugh whether you manage to escape or not!”

    Alan B.

    "I had been to a few Escape rooms but I was really impressed with this one. The clues, staff, and atmosphere was first class!”


    We are looking for trusted partners to bring our escape game to market.Are you up to challenge?


    Ready to play

    Our vehicles are fitted with the latest technology, allowing full control and overview of each session via a separate control room and our games are thoroughly play-tested by all ages and abilities to ensure an optimal playing experience.


    Stand out of the crowd

    There are many escape rooms out there. But very few are mobile. Our USP allows you to stand out, while offering an innovative and immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on every contestant.


    The sky is the limit

    Our games have infinite possibilities. They are extremely flexible, suitable for people of most walks of life. They can be brought to festivals, parties, corporate events, weddings, stag nights, or just parked up near a busy high street. ROI is guaranteed.